Ashley Kress is a Pittsburgh born-and-bred gal, with none of the slang, but most of the spunk.

Hello there and welcome 🙂 I’m Ashley.

I’m all about books, social media, photography, and hot mugs of tea. Sometimes, I love books so much that I ramble about them on the internet for my friends to enjoy. 

After I earned my MA in Communication Technology, I left Pittsburgh to join my boyfriend on a new adventure, 400 miles away. Professionally, I am a digital communications specialist, with a passion for leadership, social media, and higher education. I design campaigns to bring a company’s story to their customers through technology.

In my free time, I can normally be found with my nose in a book, a cup of tea in my hand, thinking up YouTube videos, or looking to make a friend. I am a big city girl living in the small city of Madison, Indiana with my boyfriend Tim and our pup Oliver. I’m always open for a good conversation, so make sure to connect with me!

Here is a collection of cool things I’ve done over the past few years…